Friday, November 21, 2008


So for those of you who don't know, I am a huge Twilight fan!! I have read Sephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga 8 times since August! They are amazing, the best books I have read...well...ever. I am really excited that the movie comes out today! I can't go see it till tomorrow which sucks! I have read a lot of mixed reviews on it, but I hope it will be as good as some people have said. I heard that Kristen Stewart who plays bella isn't a good actress in the movie. I have read that she seemed depressed and scared. Well hello people she is dating a vampire who at any moment could kill her. I would be scared too, and in the books she is scared, she tries to hide it. But if you read the books she isn't good at hiding her emotions. We will see as I said I haven't seen it yet. I will have to post my oppinion of the movie after I see it. Although from the previews and movie clips I have seen it looks pretty awsome! I think they cast everyone really great, just how I would picture them actually. Well I will let you know what I think!!!
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